Henna Sooq - Organic Cassia Obovata

$ 10.00

Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna or senna) is a natural ayurvedic herb.

This ayurvedic herb will leave your hair glossy, stronger, thicker, dandruff-free, and healthy. Cassia obovata gives you all the benefits of henna without color results on dark hair tones. For those with light shades of hair such as blond, strawberry blond or grey hairs the cassia will color your hair and give you the perfect uplift to your natural hair tone.

There are many hair tones you can achieve when using cassia obovata such as:

golden blond
strawberry blond (along with henna)
copper (along with henna)
Instructions and recipes will come with your purchase.

Our cassia obovata is packaged in double plastic bags inside of foil packaging. This ensures freshness.

Fall Crop 2016

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