$ 21.00

Butter than Love Hair Pudding is an ultra-moisturizing hair cream that has a light and fluffy formula which will give your hair shine and unbelievable softness. We blended castor oil for superior sealing power and shea butter to give you a product that not only moisturizes your hair, but leaves it unbelievably soft. Used alone for fluffy styles or layered with a styler for amazing definition that’s humidity proof. Once used, the Butter than Love Pudding will become a staple in your hair arsenal.

*You might notice a different texture in your Pudding. Because of the popularity of our Butter than Love Pudding, we run out of stock and as we wait for more from our manufacturer, we will make small batches to supplement our stock. The formula and ingredients are the same, the equipment is different and that is why there is a difference.

Watch Amber Janielle use Butter than Love Pudding for her flexirod set


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